Episode 22 Wes Hamilton and What’s My Destiny app

What's My Destiny app

This is Episode 22, the making of the What’s My Destiny app. Today’s guests are Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist and Terrance Schubring, master designer, programmer, and singer/songwriter. Here are…

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Communication Hero Radio Launched

Cloud Platform sleeping, Podcat awake

We have lift-off. Communication Hero Radio is officially on-line as of September 5, 2015. Check out podcast episodes 1 to 4 in the Podcasts section of the site or on the recent posts.

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Episode 4: Wishing Star Studio with Terrance Schubring

Our guest today is Terrance Schubring, a modern-day wizard. He is the owner of Wishing Star Studio and founder of Jambots, an app programming company. Terrance is a talented musician, music producer, podcaster, programmer, inventor, and artist.

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