Cross Promotion Means Business

Cross Promotion Mashup

Need to round up more business?  Learn how a romance novelist and a country music artist teamed up to create an explosion of activity across both their fan bases.  Click here to read the article published on


Free Podcast Interviews Saturday Nov 7

Attention all authors, celebrities and personalities in the Twin Cities on Saturday, November 7, 2015 from 9a to 1p!  Mandy and I will be giving away free 10 minute podcast interviews at the Women of Words Book Fair at the Women’s Club of Minneapolis.

It starts at 9a and goes until 1p.

Click the image below to navigate to the official event page.



When you arrive, come over to my table and reserve a time before they are all taken.  We will email you a link to the episode airs on Communication Hero Radio Hour Monday, November 9 at Noon.

Check out the podcast interview flyer by clicking here.

Want your own podcast?

Be sure to check out the attached flyer with the event offer, a Three Month Podcast Package from now until Monday, November 9 at 5p.  You will receive three 30-minute recordings in the studio with the assistance of a podcast technician.  You also get a custom album cover photo that is posted on as  separate podcast show.  It will also feed iTunes.

To get started, please send me an email.

Get the scoop on the Three Month Podcast Package by clicking here.



Communication Hero Radio Launched

Cloud Platform sleeping, Podcat awake

We have lift-off.  Communication Hero Radio is officially on-line as of September 5, 2015.

Check out podcast episodes 1 to 4 in the Podcasts section of the site or on the recent posts.

A big shout-out to my co-host, Mandy Jones.  She takes a lead on-the-air, on-the-fly, very well.  She also does the sound engineering and audio editing.

The studio you see in all the photos and graphics is Wishing Star Studio owned by Terrance Schubring.  We talk to him in Episode 4 about his studio, passion projects and programming apps.

Cats?  Yes. There are two cats at Wishing Star Studio. Their names have changed to protect any innocence they have left.  Podcat is the brown Persian and Cloud Platform is the black and white calico.