Episode 19 Passion Projects with Lori Palm

Episode 19 Passion Projects

This is Episode 19, PASSION PROJECTS. Today’s guest is Lori Palm, Global Passion Expert and CEO of Core Passion Inc.  Here are some of the questions we asked Lori.

  1. As the global passion expert, you are the perfect person to ask, what is passion and why is it such a focus for people now?
  2. People talk about their passion projects.  What can be a passion project?  Why would someone want to start one?
  3. How do passion projects fit into a career?  Can you have a job and a passion project?
  4. How do people get started finding their passion project? (Explore or take the CPA)
  5. What is your current passion project?
  6. How do passion projects drive engagement?
  7. What advice do you have for people seeking a passion project or starting one?


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