Episode 8: Randi Alexander, romance writer, and Jackson Young singer/songwriter

Randi Alexander and Jackson Young

This is Episode 8 and we have two guests today: New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, romance writer Randi Alexander; and, Jackson Young renowned country music singer/songwriter, actor, dancer, and model. The Midwestern Book Lovers Unite romance reader’s conference is in town this weekend so we have a chance to tap the talent for our Podcast too. Welcome to Communication Hero Radio Hour.

  1. Randi, how did you connect with Jackson? Tell us the story behind making the video for Jackson’s song, Drunken Angel.
  2. Jackson, What is the special performance that you are giving tomorrow Friday, October 23 at the conference? What is the story and inspiration for these songs?
  3. Randi, What is the Midwestern Book Lovers Unite conference about? Which panels are you on? When you are not at a conference, where do you go to get ideas for new books?
  4. Jackson, as a musician and renaissance man, your business setup is different than a corporate office or brick and mortar. How do you like to work? How do you use digital business services or technology to help keep it working for you? How much do you travel? How does your business support you while you travel?
  5. Randi, you have many titles published (29+?). What books are coming out next? Which publisher do you use? Do you have a business besides a publisher? How do you leverage digital business as an author?
  6. Jackson, what would you consider your passion project – a kind of work, hobby or personal focus that keeps you inspired?
  7. Randi, what is your passion project? (This is a rated G show. J)
  8. Jackson, how did you get started in music? What advice would you give yourself if you had it to do all over again?
  9. Randi, how has publishing changed since you started? If you could change one thing about publishing or the romance genre/market, what would it be?
  10. Randi and Jackson, what’s next? When is your next appearance together? What other conferences do you go to? What are your websites? (http://randialexander.com, http://jacksonyoungcountry.com) If a fan wants to know more, where should they go?
  11. Jackson, you mentioned mini-movies for books.  What does it take to make a book trailer?
  12. Jackson, you also have a new collaboration with a major apparel label.  Tell us more about it.


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