Episode 7 – FAQ for Digital Hero Publishing

Lori Lorenz with Digital Hero Publishing

This is Episode 7 and our topic for this week is digital publishing and how Digital Hero Publishing helps authors add an income stream to their small business.  We get many questions from authors, editors, speakers, and entrepreneurs so we are going to share the FAQs with you today.

  1. I have this great idea for a book but no one will buy it. How do I make a million dollars? How many people don’t understand the book industry? – Most everyone.
  2. Can you print my book by August? This is why Digital Hero Publishing got started?
  3. Publisher, what publisher? Consolidation and self-publishing are trending.
  4. Blogs rule, books drool. Why write a book?
  5. Where do authors start? How much time, money, skills, and opportunity do you have?
  6. Which business niches need self-publishing?
  7. How can an author make a living at writing?
  8. Where do readers find self-published books?
  9. What books have you written?
  10. What writer support groups do you recommend?
  11. What innovations would you like to see in the publishing business? Content is king. Format will change to fit the market.

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