Episode 3: Being an Elder with Karen Lund

Karen Lund, Being an Elder

Our guest today is Karen Lund, author of Being an Elder. Besides being an author, Karen is a global business consultant, an Elder, a jet setter, a storyteller, a physical education teacher, and was a Red Cross Staffer during Vietnam.

“Being an Elder is for anyone who has wisdom to share or who wants to help their Elders share more. Reading this book is very similar to being an Elder. The process is learn, reflect, change, and share. Being an Elder entertains with stories from Karen Lund’s life and world travels. Then it provides activities for fusing insights into actions.”

Questions for Karen:

  1. What was your inspiration for your book, Being an Elder?
  2. What makes a person an Elder?
  3. How do you know if you met the challenge of the book title? Being an Elder Becoming a Treasure?
  4. When is your book available? Tuesday, August 11, 2015.
  5. How do we buy a copy? Go on-line to beinganelder.com. Attend a talk and buy an autographed copy.
  6. What’s next for you? Where are you speaking?
  7. How does someone contact you to book a keynote, workshop or retreat?
  8. Before you go, please share one of your favorite stories from the book.

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